New trailer Simetierre : resurrection and fears in the adaptation of the Stephen King book

A new trailer for Simetierre is unveiled. This rereading of the terrifying novel by Stephen King brings a change from the original story… The film comes out in cinemas on April 10. Sometimes, there is worse than death… It is on this sentence that concludes the band-final announcement of Simetierre. If the first video was the fundamental on the atmosphere, these new images reveal more about the plot of the film. Worn by Jason Clarke, who has already tried the horror film with The Curse Winchester, John Lithgow (Dexter) and Amy Seimetz (You’re Next), this new version is directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer (Alexandre Aja was attached to the project for a time). The duo was noted in 2014 with the film horror indie Starry Eyes.

In Simetierre , the doctor Louis Creed, his wife Rachel and their two young children leave Boston to settle in a rural area of Maine. But the doctor discovers a mysterious cemetery hidden in the woods and indian symbols surrounding places. Its unique neighbor Jud Crandall explains to him that animals buried on the land come back mysteriously to life. After a terrible accident, Louis is going to trigger, s years know, a series of tragic events that will give birth to formidable evil forces. Images to the height of one of the novels most terrifying Stephen King. A work, which was adapted into a film by Mary Lambert in 1989. It is noteworthy in this video, the appearance of Zelda, the sister is sick of Rachel – which has traumatized more than a spectator. Attention the following contains spoilers !

Readers of the book will have noticed, in this version this is not the young Pledge who dies, but her big sister Ellie (Cast Laurence), a choice that the makers of the film explained :”It is by making the eldest daughter of Creed the protagonist that we were able to explore the themes of family and death with much more acuity. As Ellie is older than his brother, the relationship between it and the other characters are necessarily richer than if it was attached to a smaller child”.

The filmmakers – who arrived on the project while the script was already written – specify that this choice seemed to be “one of the finds of the most intelligent of the script.” Kevin Kölsch adds: “It is also necessary to ensure that we make changes for good reasons, and not just to unseat the viewer. And the choice of Ellie as the protagonist is perfectly consistent with the plot”, his accomplice Dennis Widmyer continues : “What we liked in the novel is that it is always the character of Ellie who ask all sorts of questions. She wonders if his cat is going to die one day and raise important questions. So, it was logical to make her the main character, and she relays these questions to his father, in order to solve the problems which arose in our first conversations. It was a smart way of dealing with this theme”.

Simetierre will be released in our cinemas on April 10 next. With Ca 2, dated the 18th September, so this is not one, but two movies, adapted from the work of the master of the terror which will come out this year.