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About our Ethereum Wallet

19 July, 2016

If you have Ether and need to store it - this is precisely the reason for Ethereum-Wallet, the Ethereum Wallet. Users need a quick and convenient storage of Ethereum, as acquiring and downloading Ethereum wallets from sources can be risky and inconvenient.

Ethereum is an incredible decentralized crytocurrency and fantastic store of value, built on the blockchain. Ethereum is truly unique. Unlike most cryptocurrencies out there, Ethereum performs much more than its competitors. - Ethereum Wallet

If you're looking for a place to buy Ether from, you can visit one of the many exchanges that allow you to sell Bitcoin in exchange for Ethereum. Bitfinex is a good choice for Bitcoin or USD trades with Ethereum. QuadrigaCX is good for Canadians. Of course, Shapeshift is also a great service if you already have some cryptocurrency with you.

As well, the supply of Ethereum is far from infinite. This means your Ethereum stored in your wallet won't be at risk to hyper inflation like the Zimbabwe dollar, where trillion dollar notes are common. Currently, the algorithm focuses on proof of work. In 2017, we will be switching to another distribution system that focuses less on miners generating Ethereum blocks.

After purchasing Ethereum, you can conveniently store and send Ethereum from your Ethereum online wallet here instantly. Exchanges are very slow with transfers and should not be used as wallets. After all, they are prone to government intervention and cannot be exempt from laws in compliance with KYC and other strict rules.

To learn more about Ethereum, visit Wikipedia. If you still don't have an Ethereum-Wallet account, feel free to register!